Hello and Welcome!

I’m Samantha.

I’m a mindset and life coach and creator of Healthful Hearts. Through blog posts, weekly emails, and coaching, I’m here to help you get out of your head and take action in your life

My goal is to help you improve your mindset, reduce stress, and create the confidence you need to create your dream life.

I’m here to help you…


  • Develop a healthy and positive mindset that gives you peace of mind and confidence to pursue your biggest goals


  • Create self-care practices and daily routines that help you take care of yourself to reduce burnout, stress, and overwhelms


  • Learn time management strategies so you can reduce overwhelm and make time for what you truly love and want to do

My Story

I know how stressful and overwhelming  life can be. As a perfectionist, over-thinker, and a serious over-committer, I have found that so many of my struggles are caused by the pressure I continue to put on myself.


Looking back, I can tell you I spent too many years, holding myself back from being who I truly wanted to be in life both personally and professionally. I decided to stop letting life happen to me and started making it happen for me.


I decided it was time to stop holding myself back. I figured out how to prioritize my mental well-being, let myself relax and rejuvenate, and how to stop letting perfectionism and fear get in the way of my goals. 


As someone who has been where you are, let me tell you, you have more power over your life than you think you do.


That’s why everything I share and create on Healthful Hearts is created to help create your dream life, and take yourself to the next level.

The Key Components To Healthful Hearts


Self Care


Who Am I

When I’m not busy with Healthful Hearts, you can find me practicing yoga, taking way too many pictures of flowers (I have a photography obsession), and traveling to new and exciting places.


People have always described me as a successful and productive person, and I think it’s because I’m pretty in-tune with my mind, body, and soul. Life is all about balancing the elements, and the better you do it, the better your life is!


I love Parks & Recreation, buying new stationery (seriously, it’s a problem), and sipping multiple cups of tea & coffee all day, every day.

Yes, I drink both!

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